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World Maritime Exchange Yacht BrokersA house in the Hamptons, vacationing in Cannes, a luxury yacht - these are modern symbols of status and success. If this is the lifestyle that appeals to you, and you’re not there yet, World Maritime Exchange invites you to consider an exciting and lucrative opportunity which will put you in touch with the top 2% o the world’s income earners – a career as a yacht broker.

Captain Berny Coffey, president of WME, has been helping buyers and sellers of yachts for over nine years and training new brokers for four. He credits the use of the Franchise model applied to this Business Opportunity as one reason his company has achieved great success over the years. 

“We used the model of the franchise, although we are not a franchise, because it is such a strong business model. We train our agents extensively and we support them with a vast internet network for advertising. We’ve purchased more space on the internet than any other broker. In addition, we offer closing, financing and transportation solutions to buyers,” says Coffey.

World Maritime Exchange - A Unique Sales Opportunity“This frees the broker to spend more time in front of the client and do less worrying about the background work.”

Superior Customer Service and Extensive Sales Training
Makes WME World Class

WME is adamant about customer service and promises world class customer service to their clients. To that end, they consider themselves a “partner” with both buyer and seller, each partner desiring a quick sale at a fair price.

Selling a boat in a timely manner is another priority for WME. A seller listing a boat on his own may spend years waiting for the right buyer. In fact, says Coffey, there is a glut of boats for sale on the internet and in newspapers. But, through strategic use of market analysis and position analysis, WME sells most boats they list in about 36 days.

“Our training of new brokers is the real key to our success,” says Coffey. “First we screen candidates extensively to be sure they have the necessary skills, personality and expectations. Then we give them a personal assessment evaluation to find their strengths and style. We build our training around this assessment, using the most advanced training packages available.”

By the time new brokers have completed the 4-5 day training, they will already be working with 7-10 clients and have made headway towards their first sales. Brokers can work out of their homes and do not have exclusive territories. In fact, a broker in Florida may sell a boat in South Carolina to a buyer in Jamaica.

And, if you think only people living on ocean frontage property buy luxury boats, you’d be wrong. Coffey says that even states like Montana and Colorado have a significant number of boat owners.

An important part of the WME business is presenting the company in the same, carefully standardized format as a franchise company. Just as a brand builds awareness, WME has become recognized as the leader in yacht brokering. By putting the client, whether a buyer or seller, first, the broker builds good will for the company and achieves a win-win sales situation for himself.

World Maritime Exchange Yacht Brokers

While most boat buyers are men, women do equally well as men in the broker role. The important thing, says Coffey, is that they really enjoy helping people, are good listeners, and are willing to take extra steps to make everyone happy.

“We really need a person who is willing and able to work within the formula,” says Coffey. “The person who gets lost but refuses to stop and ask for directions is not the type of person who will do well in our system.”

New brokers receive extensive training from World Maritime Exchange

The majorities of brokers are or have been boat owners but it is not a requirement. In fact, part of the training program will teach you such nautical nuances as ship’s systems, business law applied to yachts, and nautical terms. You will also learn all about listing, marketing and financing as well as a plethora of other useful subjects.

Coffey stresses that this is a quality selling opportunity, not a quantity one. Brokers in the system who follow the formula and put in a full-time work schedule are selling 25-30 boats a year. At a 10% cmmission on sales, WME agents are in a position to earn a significant income.

Facts about Boating

  • Boats get bought and sold every 3-5 years
  • More than 93% o boat buyers consult the internet
  • There are alternatives to paying for a boat with cash
  • Boating in the US is a nearly $26 billion industry and one of the fastest growing
  • There are more than 72 million boaters and nearly 17 million registered boats
  • US boat ownership per capita is estimated at around 16:1
  • National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) estimates indicate that 541,000 new boats were sold at retail in 2001

Training expenses are refunded as you sell - a unique benefit from World Maritime Exchange

WME provides leads to the brokers and also teaches them how to find their own leads.

Another benefit offered to brokers by WME is that the cost paid by brokers for evaluation and training is refunded as they sell, usually in the first six months. "This is quite possibly the only business opportunity available where your entire investment is refunded to you," said Coffey.

In addition, brokers will begin getting referral business with the first seven months.

If you are looking for an opportunity that fits your personal selling style and your personal strengths, World Maritime Exchange would like to talk to you about a career helping people find their DREAM boat.

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