Franchise News Release: Scottsdale, AZ - (Aug-23-2011)

Rick Sikorski is Back in Biz

In 2008, after turning Fitness Together and Elements Therapeutic Massage into two of the most successful health and fitness chains in the world, Rick Sikorski retired to spend more time with his wife and children.
Even though he was regularly contacted by businesses seeking his expertise and offering attractive business opportunities, “I was really enjoying retirement and had no interest in getting back into business,” he said. For three and a half years he turned down every offer.
Earlier this year, however, a friend showed him drawings of a new concept in mobile stores he was creating called BizBox™. The friend, Charles Sidi, asked Sikorski if he was interested in becoming a part of the company.
Sidi, an award-winning builder of luxury homes and commercial buildings, planned to create a solar-powered, green building that could be pulled by a standard, three quarter ton pickup, set up in minutes and was unlike anything on the market.
Although he was convinced that the drawings he saw had the ability to change industries, Sikorski reluctantly resisted the urge, explaining that he was enjoying his newfound life of leisure.
After seeing the finished product in operation, however, Sikorski could control himself no longer. He decided to invest and agreed to become CEO of BizBox™, and he is convinced that the second time around will be even more successful than the first.
“BizBox represents the next generation of mobility and gives companies a way they have never had to take their products and services direct to their customers,” said Sikorski. “Before BizBox, mobile options may have hurt a company’s brand but the innovative design and the ‘cool’ factor of BizBox enhances any brand. It’s truly a groundbreaking product.”
For Sidi, the addition of Sikorski gives the BizBox executive team added experience and a proven track record in how to expand a concept nationally and internationally.
In 1983, at age 22, Sikorski opened the first Fitness Together training studio in Arizona.
Over the next two decades, with the help of strategic business planners, he built Fitness Together into the largest personal training organization in the world with hundreds of Franchises in five countries. In addition, Sikorski successfully launched a second concept, Elements Therapeutic Massage, which achieved similar success.
Decades of working 75 to 80 hours every week to build his company was taking its toll, however, and Rick decided that wanted more time with his family. In 2006, he sold the company to a large Equity fund out of New York. In 2008 he replaced himself as CEO and retired.
Sikorski says that part of his decision to return to the executive suite was based on his ability to convince his wife and children and himself that he better understands the need to balance work and family life.
“I’m not pretending that it won’t be tough,” Sikorski admits, “but I think I have a better understanding about how to approach the stress of the job.
There were times in the past, he admits, when he would be at home physically but back in the office mentally.
“I did what most business owners dreamed of doing; I ran hard. I built a business, sold it for millions, and retired at a very young age. I fished and hunted and traveled and had great family time, but the thrill of building something was missing,” he says. “Now I realize that it’s not about the end game; it’s about the journey. I’m going to treat this opportunity as a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m going to enjoy the little victories along the way. And with BizBox™ I am convinced there are going to be a lot of victories along the way.”
BizBox™ will be marketed nationally by licensees who will be awarded limited territories.


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