A close-knit, Chicago-area family who created a “material” goldmine out of restoring torn and faded leather, vinyl and other fabrics on-site has announced aggressive plans to tap into a series of new markets and expand their fast-growing Franchise nationwide.

Today, more than 60 franchised and company-owned Creative Colors International locations operate across the United States and Canada, with 150 mobile units providing on-site services, primarily in the automotive and furniture industries. Plans call for aggressive expansion each year, with an eventual saturation point of 450 U.S. franchisees.

A recognized leader in the repair, reconditioning and color restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting in the automotive, furniture, commercial, and residential markets, Creative Colors International has consistently refined its techniques and formulated its products throughout the years to exceed industry standards. According to company president Mark J. Bollman, Creative Colors International is committed to perfect its products and techniques and its extensive training program for technicians, before taking the leap into mass franchise expansion.

“As technology has progressed, we have worked with major companies and invested significantly in research and development to enhance our products and techniques for effective and long-term results,” said Mark J. Bollman, president of Creative Colors International. “Today, our techniques and our products far surpass industry-set standards. We are not the `quick-fix’ gimmicks that you see on infomercials. You almost have to be an artist to do our work. There’s a lot of training and expertise involved in color matching, knowing the right steps and surpassing warranty quality. All of these factors combined created the base needed to successfully franchise.”

Untapped markets galore
The lion’s share of Creative Colors International’s current customer base includes car dealers (new, used, parts, service departments, etc.), auctions, body shops, rental cars, insurance markets, and the airline and furniture industries. The focus of expansion includes restaurants, hotels, motels, government facilities and hospitals.

“In the transportation category alone, from airplanes and ambulances, to used car auto dealers, all the way up to coach tour buses, limousines, rental cars and company fleet vehicles, the opportunities for our services are unlimited,” said Terri L. Sniegolski, Senior Vice President. “When you start getting into the need for restoration and repair of materials in the furniture category, the list is unlimited. Everybody from a beauty salon to a dentist office and restaurants and movie theatres rely on fabric, leather or vinyl seats for vital aspects of their business. For the tremendous cost savings compared to replacement, these business owners are increasingly turning to Creative Colors.”

One, big family
Despite its rapid growth and success, Creative Colors International has managed to keep its family-operated company values in tact. In fact, each member of the CCI corporate team, all the way from administrators to trainers to the president, is somehow related to each other, all tying back to the roots of its original founders, Jim and JoAnn Foster, who established J&J’s Creative Colors in 1980.

“There’s a certain level of integrity that comes along with a family-operated business, yet at the same time we’re open and ready to bring outside expertise in to take us to the next level,” Bollman said. “But no matter how much we grow, we will continue to instill the family values to our franchisees in growing their own business. We will always treat our franchisees like a member of the family.”

All Creative Colors International franchisees have an exclusive territory containing all markets for continued growth. Each home-based franchisee develops their territory by adding mobile units to provide services. They receive four weeks of training and ongoing consultation services.

Each van is equipped with tools needed to provide services, including an air compressor, generator, air hose retractor, heat guns, dyes, etc.

“To be successful in our line of business, you can’t be timid or shy,” Bollman said. “There’s a lot of sales and relationship building involved. A successful Creative Colors franchisee is somebody who is motivated and energetic, because they all start out as owner operators and eventually hire technicians as they expand. Our best franchisees recognize and build on the fact that wherever they find leather, vinyl, velour, or plastic, they have a possible sale waiting to happen.”

About Creative Colors International
Creative Colors International, Inc.came into existence July 1991 through its affiliate, J & J’s Creative Colors, Inc. J & J’s Creative Colors, founded in 1980 by Jim and JoAnn Foster, were recognized in the Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs for their superb services in dyeing, repairing, and restoring leather, fabric and vinyl, plastics, and fiberglass. Today, more than 60 Creative Colors International Franchises operate throughout the United States and Canada, with more than 150 mobile units in operation.


Franchise News Release: Tinley Park, IL - (Feb-4-2004)

Creative Colors International 'Restores' an Entire Industry, Launches Aggressive Franchise Expansion Plan

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