Franchise News Release: Boulder, CO - (Dec-4-2003)

Boulder Computer Geek Turns Layoff Into Golden Opportunity

Whenever he thinks about it, computer expert Tucker Roth finds the whole situation to be rather ironic. During the summer of 2003, he suddenly found himself unemployed as the victim of a massive layoff that decimated his company. Despite Roth's technical background and his proven track record of success, the tough job market in the information-technology industry kept him without employment for the next three months. His future seemed bleak, and his hope diminished slightly with each passing day. It was during this tough time that he discovered a golden opportunity with Geeks On Call® - the nation;s premier provider of on-site computer services. Now Roth is both the owner and the mobile computer technician for a new Geeks' Franchise serving Boulder and its vicinity, allowing him to provide residential and small business customers with a comprehensive set of computer services - and hopefully impart to them some of his newfound joy.

Fifteen years ago, Tucker Roth ventured into the "real world" with professional ambitions that were far removed from the world of technology. His Bachelor's degree from Miami University of Ohio was a mixture of English, creative writing, and philosophy, and every indication pointed to his career path taking him down the road of academia or the creative arts. However, some temporary computer work that Roth performed during his college years planted a seed in the back of his mind - which would germinate slowly over the next six years. While living overseas in Denmark, Roth became fascinated with the field of computer programming, and upon his return to the United States he acquired employment as a computer software engineer. From then on, his whole world revolved around the complex task of computer programming, and soon he found himself to be successful and in high demand from several companies in the state of Colorado. Recently, the struggling U.S. economy and the turbulent information-technology industry caused him to lose his job, which forced him to consider other avenues of employment that he had always disregarded - such as becoming self-employed. Now Roth is excited that he is his own boss, because he finally has the career freedom and job stability that had eluded him in the past.

Geeks On Call® is the high-tech equivalent of a doctor who makes house calls. Too often home-owners and small businesses lose substantial time and money while waiting for their computer problems to be remedied by a large, impersonal retailer that often keeps the computer for a week or more, and charges an arm and a leg! Refusing to tolerate this type of slow, unsatisfactory service, Geeks On Call® goes against the grain and brings help directly to the customer's doorstep. Launched in 1999, Geeks On Call® began its operations in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA - where it experienced immediate success. Overwhelmed by the public's hunger for dependable computer support, Geeks On Call® realized the only way to satisfy its ballooning customer base would be to franchise the company. In April 2001 the first Geeks' offspring was born, and since then approximately 120 Franchises have been planted throughout the United States.

Not only have the expedient, reliable services provided by Geeks On Call® found success with residential clients, but also with small businesses that simply cannot afford the enormous expense of hiring an IT staff. Instead of paying exorbitant salaries to keep a full-fledged IT staff on hand, small businesses simply can turn to Geeks On Call® on those occasions in which computer services are required. Now everyone can have access to superior computer repairs, upgrades, troubleshooting, training, networking and custom-built PCs -without emptying their wallets.

Currently, Geeks On Call® offers service in the following areas: Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, and Northern VA; Washington, D.C.; Cary, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, the Outer Banks, and Raleigh, NC; Annapolis, Baltimore, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Columbia, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Laurel, and Rockville, MD; Cedar Hill, The Colony, Dallas, Denton, DeSoto, Frisco, Fort Worth, and Plano, TX; Arvada, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO; Lee's Summit and Kansas City, MO; Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, Orlando, and Tampa, FL.


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