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The real opportunity for FAMILY FINANCIAL CENTERS resides in the fact that, despite consumer demand, the alternative financial services industry continues to be a fragmented and, for the most part, unsophisticated industry with no dominant players. Year after year, statistics from the banking industry have documented the burgeoning “unbanked” population in the U.S. Approximately 20-30% of Americans today do not have a relationship with a traditional bank, credit union, or savings institution. As much as 50% of this group is “unbanked” by choice. This is a stunning statistic that highlights a huge and growing segment of the population whose needs are underserved. This demand has spawned a dynamic alternative financial services industry, in particular, check cashing and payday loan companies.

Opportunity now exists in the alternative financial services industry for a professional branded player who can bring the same kind of sophistication and execution in all aspects of the business. For FAMILY FINANCIAL CENTERS, this means looking and acting like the neighborhood bank of old, while employing the technology and systems of today to meet the modern customer’s needs. Branding, technology, convenience, and good old-fashioned customer service and relationship building in the community will create the grassroots loyalty and word of mouth advertising that will establish the FFC brand in a market eager for something better.

Our Products & Services

  • Check Cashing 
  • Short Term Loans
  • Bill Payments
  • Money Transfer
  • Membership Cards
  • Prepaid Services
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Phone
  • Prepaid Wireless
  • Money Orders
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Direct Deposit / Payroll
  • FFC Prepaid MasterCard with Direct Deposit
  • FFC Direct Check Service
  • FFC Payroll Card
  • Family Discount Medical Plan
  • Savings Account Program
  • Debt Consolidation/Debt Reduction (Currently in development)
  • Credit Repair (Currently in development)
  • Mortgage Program
  • Legal Document Assistance (Currently in development)

Franchisee Testimonials
"FFC has provided me with a top-notch team to see that my center is successful. From the very beginning, even before we had a location selected, to the build-out of the store, to the daily operation, they have been there and served as true partners. It's amazing to learn what you don't know about the business you get into. The team from FFC really knows the business inside and out and they are always there ready to impart the knowledge. Family financial centers management team have been great. A response from them, if not immediate, is always prompt. They value the people they work with and for and make the experience of being a small business owner a rewarding one." - Lou Maranglo, Allentown Pennsylvania

"My brother Steven and I have been self-employed for over 20 years. We have owned a variety of businesses, including several national franchises. The check cashing business always held a certain fascination to us. We researched several different opportunities in the check cashing industry. After meeting with Paul Eckert, Bruce Chamberlain and their team, we came to the conclusion that the FFC family was the direction we would go. We appreciated their commitment to the franchisee, as well as, their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to receive input. At the end of the day, my brother and I feel working with people is an asset you can't be taught. We believe we found a match with FFC. We opened our first location in January 2008. Our second location will be opened in August 2008." - David & Steve Miller, Harrisburg Pennsylvania

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